Prepare Your Policy

The Other Party

Voting and Governance Control & process.

Any UK resident can mint a governance passport for free to their wallet as an NFT. This can be used to both put forward, and also to vote on individual proposals on Other Party Policy. Every NFT holder gets one vote and the NFT can only be minted if the wallet owner can prove they are a citizen of the UK.

This can be done in whichever way you feel most comfortable. Either by fully disclosing your details with our KYC partners, by scanning your passport chip, National insurance number, or other methods. We don’t need to know your name, age or address unless you want us to. We just need to confirm that you will be affected by the policy you vote on to prevent any external non UK interference.

Selection committees for candidates who wish to stand in a constituency

Any Other Party member can register their interest in a constituency via our interactive map (coming soon).

This interest can either be to stand as a candidate, or to be a member of the constituencies selection committee with the ability to vote on which candidate should be nominated to stand for The Other Party in that area. These nominees are needed to stand as “Politicians” due to the fact that the system can only be changed once a majority of Other Party candidates are voted into the old system in order to change it to our no politician needed system for future democratic votes.

To give peace of mind however in the event any outside interference accusations are levied. If 10% of a proposals voters object to any local level result, then they can call for a recount which is limited to just NFT owners who have proven they reside in that local area.

A lot of people aren’t aware of the role of selection committees in traditional politics but to stand for one of the major parties like Labour or The Conservatives as an MP in the UK you must first pass their selection criteria to even be allowed to run in that area. This gatekeeps politics to only those who are approved by the party which are those who will likely have been deemed obedient enough to “toe the party line”. This current selection committee approval process from parties further centralises and reduces the likelihood of any non-conformist voices ever reaching parliament.

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