How to get involved

The Other Party

Spread The Word

Volunteer your free time and tell your friends and family as well as people in your local community about The Other Party.  Explain how we the people can govern ourselves directly without the need for a separate political class. If you need content, stickers, media, or logo files? Jump to our public “Content & Media'' page HERE. Are you a writer, artist, designer or developer? Then you can submit works or content to be displayed and downloaded on our content and media page. Just upload your content or reach out to us for inspiration via the form here.

Become An Official The Other Party Rep

Become an official The Other Party representative at your employer or education establishment. The Other Party is apolitical, our representatives advocate for direct democratic action from any side of the political aisle. We stand for the abolition of centralised points of failure.  Our aim is not to alter anyone's political views; instead, we strive to empower individuals to voice their opinions, rather than relying on easily influenced politicians to represent them.

Become A Researcher

Become a researcher, aide or other volunteer staff at one of The Other Party HQs. We at The Other Party know that direct democracy can solve the problems plaguing our society and its institutions. However, we need help to translate this message into ways every individual, sub sector or group within society will be able to relate to, agree with and most importantly understand. This is where we need your help as a staff member. Political campaign contributions and payments from lobbyists to politicians is understandably made as hard to find or measure as possible. The data exists that shows how much money goes to the political class; our task is to find and show it to people so they can see how much wealth these individuals are hoarding. Every pound and pence being paid by lobbyists to politicians is pounds and pence which, under our model, will instead be paid to the people.

Stand For The Other Party In Your Constituency.

We aim to field a candidate in every constituency in the next general election. Our candidates once elected will be required by law to implement the will of their constituency. This means that candidates individual political opinions do not matter. The existing political and media establishment will try their best to make it about individual candidates, but this is the exact opposite of what The Other Party stands for. Our elected representatives should not care about anything other than what a majority of their constituents wish them to care about. We are making this a reality at The Other Party by bringing back candidates that are truly Public Servants.

Register Your Interest In Joining A Selection Committee.

Selection committees are a lesser known part of the current political system. People may not be aware but you cannot just automatically stand as an MP under a major party even if you want too. In reality you must be pre-approved by the party to even make it onto the ballot. These selection committees that select candidates are almost always exclusively decided by the party’s existing MPs. This of course destroys any hopes for any individual candidates who think differently or who have any sort of “within party opposing view” as of course those approved by these selection committees are almost always the ones who toe the party line and won’t cause trouble.

We are again giving this power back to the people by allowing any member of the general public who registers an interest in any individual constituency to actually decide on the candidate that will stand in that area, rather than having that decision made for them by the political class.

Volunteer For The Cause

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