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Please contact us if you need any other assets for media enquiries.


Please contact us if you need any other assets for media enquiries.

Media Usage Guidelines

Brand Representation: Ensure that all materials are used in a way that accurately represents The Other Party. Do not alter logos, images, or other brand elements in a way that misrepresents or dilutes the brand identity.

Non-Commercial Use: Materials provided in the media kit are for informational and editorial use only. They should not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from The Other Party.

Crediting: When using images, logos, or other materials, provide appropriate credit to The Other Party.

Prohibited Uses: Do not use the media kit materials in a manner that is defamatory, derogatory, or in any context that negatively impacts the reputation of The Other Party.

Modification Restrictions: Avoid modifying or editing images and logos beyond basic resizing or formatting necessary for the intended use. Keep all proportions and colors consistent with the original design.

Approval for Large-Scale Use: For large-scale or high-profile use (such as in a major publication or public campaign), seek prior approval from The Other Party.

Respecting Intellectual Property: Recognize that all materials are the intellectual property of The Other Party and should be treated with respect and integrity.

Notification of Use: Inform The Other Party when using the materials in a significant public context, providing details of the usage.

Compliance with Laws: Ensure all uses of the media kit materials comply with relevant laws and regulations.