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How will this work?

It is important that we build up a broad based electorate before we go live with our proposal and voting application. For this reason we are issuing governance passports now, and opening the proposal and voting system later this year.

Governance Passport

Any UK resident who is willing to undergo “proof of residency” is able to create or be sent a governance passport. This is what will allow you to submit and vote on proposals plus policy additions to be put forward for The Other Party Manifesto ahead of the general election in January 2025. This governance passport is unique to every individual and is issued to your blockchain wallet, once assigned to your wallet, it cannot be transferred to any other wallet or individual. You can find instructions on creating your blockchain wallet below.

How to get your own Governance Passport

Step One

Download a free blockchain wallet or purchase a hardware wallet here. This will give you your unique wallet address - allowing you to register your votes and submit proposals on the blockchain.

We would recommend downloading one of the following free wallets:
Trust Wallet
CoinBase Wallet

If you prefer to store your crypto in "cold storage/offchain” we would recommend using one of the following hardware devices:

Step Two

Apply for your voting and proposal passport. We respect individuals rights to their privacy and anonymity and as such are happy to facilitate multiple different ways for you to prove you are UK domiciled or a UK citizen. Importantly, none of your personal details are required to be public on the platform and you are free to debate, propose and vote in complete anonymity after registering and receiving your blockchain passport.

Once you have finished the application process, you can then either immediately create your passport to your wallet, or we will complete the blockchain side for you, and send your passport back to your registered wallet within a few days of it being approved.

Step Three

Want to get further involved? Volunteer for The Other Party in the following ways. Get Involved

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