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Get The Other Party’s POD (Proof Of Donation) Memorabilia Token

Introducing POD

Sure stickers are nice, but they suffer from “wear and tear” and so we want our donors to have something more permanent that they can own to show off the fact they have donated to The Other Party. This is why we are pleased to announce that donors can purchase The Other Party’s POD (Proof Of Donation) Memorabilia Token from Uniswap now!

The Other Party token is your digital sticker, and what’s more 0.99% of your buy, sell or transfer goes directly to The Other Party as a contribution to our campaign. This token does not have any utility or value, however just like stickers, leaflets, letters or other political memorabilia, we don’t want to hinder our donors from attempting to transact in their proof of donation token if there is a secondary market and they do become collectible or desirable as memorabilia.

Contribute with Every Transaction

After all, political memorabilia is commonly sold by major political parties. If people decide to ascribe value to these items sold by political parties, then that is their choice to make, of their own freedom and volition. As such, just because collectors choose to speculate on Labour or The Conservatives memorabilia, doesn’t mean that they are selling securities on their websites shops.

The fact that our Proof Of Donation & Memorabilia Token exists digitally and on the blockchain does not fundamentally change any aspect of it to its physical equivalent of a “I Donated To The Other Party” sticker. If people choose to sell that sticker then they should have the freedom to do so just like they could with any physical item of memorabilia.

The Other Party’s POD Memorabilia Token

Fixed taxation rate of 0.99% is applied on all Taxation on buys, sells and transfers, with a maximum tax paid per wallet of £499. Tax is swapped within transaction to stables or ETH & sent to campaign wallet as donations.

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