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Want to launch your own official The Other Party memorabilia constituency token?

Your POD

Maybe if laws permit, you want to use our model in your own country?

We want to encourage anybody to get involved in direct democracy. Of course as a political party we also have to be aware of who we allow to represent us, who we endorse & how we can protect our cause & remain more noble than the system we are planning to replace.

All of our blockchain code will be open source & can be copied by anybody, however we can only endorse sub organisations who contact us prior to launching. In order to maintain integrity of candidates and sub organisations, we are building a factory contract which can produce anybody who wishes to launch an official The Other Party sub organisation their own political memorabilia token. This factory contract is whitelist only.

Contribute with Every Transaction

This means we as an organisation can make sure we are only endorsing the right individuals & the public will always know if a political memorabilia token is official, as they will be able to see it was minted through our factory contract. We will also update our website to reflect official sub organisations once individual organisations are approved.

If you want to be whitelisted to mint an official memorabilia token then please fill out the form below!

All whitelisted sub organisation memorabilia tokens have a fixed 1.1% taxation on any transfers, purchases or sales. 0.99% of this goes to the treasury wallet designated by the wallet whitelisted to mint the token by the sub organisation. The other 0.11% goes to The Other Party's main treasury to support & expand the overall cause.

Please note, this token is being minted as political memorabilia, it has zero real value at the time of creation, and any value construed is only individuals personal perceptions, which are theirs and theirs alone. This token has no use case other than being a proof of donation to show you have supported a sub organisation of The Other Party. If you wish to transact and swap other currencies for this proof of donation token, then you should be fully aware that your currency has been donated, and this proof of donation digital sticker is evidence of that. What you choose to do with this memorabilia in the future is up to you.

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